Flextane Rubber Industrial Product can offer in excess of fifty distinct evaluations of elastic sheeting. Accessible in a scope of thicknesses and provided in move, sheet and strip structure.

Our elastic sheeting is reasonable for an enormous scope of utilizations including:

Gaskets, seals, washers, chute linings, skirts, sand impacting screens, connect direction, snow furrow sharp edges, wear strips, entryway seals and bring forth seals.


We supply a wide scope of elastic sheeting materials, from broadly useful to expert levels.

We have elastic sheet to agree with a variety of British Standards: BS 2751, BS 2752, BS 1154

Elastic Sheeting compounds include: Natural, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Insertions, Butyl, Hypalon, Food Quality FDA Approved and Polyurethane.

In the event that you don’t know what polymer is the most appropriate we can offer master counsel on material determination.

  1. Stock thickness range from 0.3mm up to 50mm

2. Shore A hardness range between 30° to 90° shore

3. Specials can be made to detail required.


Our broadly useful EPDM sheeting material gives a more practical option in contrast to a portion of our higher level sheeting materials. Notwithstanding being a lower grade elective, this specific material actually gives great enduring and ozone opposition.

It likewise includes a wide working temperature go and can keep up its helpful properties in freezing conditions.

We ordinarily supply this sheeting for use in light use applications where the material won’t be under much pressure. It is mainstream for use as pressing pieces and residue seals in business and recreation ventures.

Our Factory can supply our broadly useful EPDM sheeting in a wide assortment of thicknesses as standard. We can likewise fabricate the sheeting into strip slice lengths or bespoke gaskets to suit your careful necessities.

Flextane routinely supply our WRAS affirmed EPDM sheeting for use as a covering in consumable water control and transportation applications. This is to a great extent because of the waterproof idea of the materials surface, which guarantees that the water stays contained and toxin free.

Our WRAS affirmed EPDM is accessible in a scope of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 40mm as standard. We can likewise supply the material in an assortment of arrangements, for example, full moves, strip cut lengths just as bespoke gaskets and shapes.

Mechanical Rubber Product

Mechanical Rubber Product

Mechanical Rubber Product is quite possibly the most fascinating B2B stage giving realities, data and current situation of the modern elastic industry, including an online entryway for making a beneficial business identified with elastic and elastic merchandise.

Get data on a wide range of mechanical elastic items, characteristic and manufactured elastic, uses of elastic in different ventures, including highlighted articles and purchaser’s guide. This entry additionally incorporates an item inventory and providers’ catalog, giving data on makers and providers managing elastic and elastic items.

Mechanical Rubber Product factory for vary industry

Mechanical Rubber Product for Industry

Rubber industry has an enormous worldwide effect. Infact, it is extremely fascinating to take note of the way that in the set of experiences and the utilization of different materials, not many have had an enormous effect universally as regular and engineered elastic.

Sorts of Synthetic Rubber

This segment gives a definite portrayal about the various sorts Synthetic Rubber. To name not many like-Butyl Rubber, Acrylic Rubber, Polysulfide Rubber. The rest is only a tick away.

Isoprene Rubber (IR)

Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Polysulfide Rubber (PSR)

Silicone Rubber (SIR)

Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Polychloroprene (CR)/Neoprene

modern elastic productsIndustrial Rubber Products

We have given a point by point portrayal of the relative multitude of Industrial Rubber Products. To make reference to some are – Rubber Adhesives and Sealants, Rubber Bearing, Rubber Gloves. For additional subtleties peruse following pages.

3225101Cover Strip Adhesive Layer50X10.000mm
3225103Cover Strip Adhesive Layer70X10.000mm
3225105Cover Strip Adhesive Layer100X10.000mm
3225107Cover Strip Adhesive Layer150X10.000mm
3225109Cover Strip Adhesive Layer220X10.000mm
3225111Cover Strip Adhesive Layer300X10.000mm
3225113Cover Strip Adhesive Layer400X10.000mm
3550103Cover stock uncured 2mm 2X500
3550105Cover stock uncured 4mm 4X500
3551103Tie Gum 0,8mm 0,8X500
3551111Tie Gum 2mm (Steel Cord)2X500
3225105Cover Strip Standard 100mm100X10.000mm
3225107Cover Strip Standard 150mm150X10.000mm
3225109Cover Strip Standard 220mm220X10.000mm
3551205Rubber Sheeting Bonding Layer one side 3X500X10000           3X500X10.000
3552205Rubber Sheeting Bonding Layer Both Side with Fabric Reinforcement 3X500X10000   3X500X10.000

For Further Information Please Contact your local agent

Polyurethane sheets

Polyurethane sheets

Polyurethane Sheets have an immense range of end utilizes because of the assortment of hardness’ and tones that we can supply. We supply the biggest determination of sheets accessible. We offer a wide choice of polyurethane to suit practically any application.

Our organization offers an enormous scope of standard polyurethane items that we can fabricate from stock tooling on short lead times.

These polyurethane sheets are produced from thermosetting material, and consequently they can’t be improved or warmed however they can be machined. Polyurethane parts from these bases beat items made from elastic and other conventional materials.

Flexible Polyurethane

Polyurethane is a very flexible elastomer utilized in innumerable applications around the world. Polyurethanes mechanical properties can be disengaged and controlled through imaginative science which makes various exceptional occasions to tackle issues with execution qualities unparalleled in some other material.

It is our comprehension of how to take advantage of these lucky breaks which permits us to give adaptable arrangements through polymeric Innovation.

Huge Selection of Polyurethane Sheets

We offer a hardness range on our cast polyurethane sheet from 30 Shore A to 75 Shore D. Our cast huge polyurethane sheets are among the biggest in the business at 1,4 meters wide and 3 meters in length. We supply likewise a multi hardness or double durometer urethane sheet which can be projected in custom tones and hardnesses.

Polyurethane sheets Application:

Applications requiring scraped area opposition,

commotion decrease

aliphatic hydrocarbons, gentle acids and bases.

use in materials treatment of any grating material including sand, squashed total, coal, taconite pellets, copper mineral, phosphate rock, salt and wood chips.

Polyurethane Foam Product

Polyurethane Foam Products

Polyurethane Foam Products Polyurethane, which additionally in the polyether and polyester designs is an extremely flexible, open cell material. It is utilized in an assortment of businesses consistently because of the one of a kind properties that material offers. We produce our polyurethane items from a huge square to make a consistent froth item.

The extraordinary delicateness and adaptability that polyurethane offers over other froth items make it ideal for furniture projects. It additionally has incredible tear and scraped spot opposition, which makes it entirely strong.

The polyurethane froth properties permits you to utilize it in an assortment of uses. Some of them include: Insulation, fixing, bundling, channels, dress and clinical applications. The open cell structure of the polyurethane froth makes this item particularly helpful in warm protection applications.

We convey polyurethane froth in a wide scope of densities from 12kg to 65kg/m 3 according to your individual necessities. We much of the time get our client demands for polyurethane froth as: sheets, moves, strips, gaskets and gaskets. We can likewise fabricate this material for simple establishment either smooth or cement.

On the off chance that you not almost certain which thickness or organization is best for your application, kindly don’t stop for a second to get in touch with us.

Why Polyurethane Foam?

Polyurethane is an open cell froth material. This implies that the little air pockets that make up the material are totally associated with structure a consistent structure. This permits the polyurethane froth material to assimilate water and furthermore permits air to course through the material. This makes polyurethane froth gentler contrasted with different froths and furthermore makes it reasonable for use as a warmth cover.

The consistent structure permits polyurethane to assimilate impacts and the material can pack under tension. The Polyurethane Foam Products likewise has magnificent protection from scraped area and tearing, which makes it entirely solid. Polyurethane likewise has a wide temperature range, fit for withstanding temperatures as low as – 40 ° C and as high as 80 ° C. So you can utilize it in an assortment of conditions without debasing the material.

Make the gentler, open cell structure of the material ideal in any dry climate or application. It’s likewise less expensive than numerous other froth materials that make it phenomenal incentive for cash. We just take the assembling and the most excellent polyurethane supply to guarantee you get an item that you can rely upon.

Key Features Foam Polyurethane:



Unimaginably simple and adaptable

High effect obstruction

Excellent protection from scraped spot and tearing

Temperature safe from – 40 ° C to 80 ° C

financially savvy

Great protection properties

Ideal for a scope of utilizations

Polyurethane is an exceptionally adaptable item and we are providing this material in various arrangements to meet each prerequisite.

upholstered furniture



clinical sleeping pads

Wheelchair seat

Vehicular seat

sound protection,


pipe slack





forced air system

Sack/container fabricate

Elastomeric products

Elastomeric products is Particular elastic sheetings and elastic covered materials are designed to be good for reason through the cautious choice of the most suitable elastomer types. We offer Neoprene elastic sheeting, Silicone elastic sheeting, FKM Viton sheeting, EPDM sheeting, NBR elastic sheeting, SBR sheeting, Hypalon sheeting, Polyurethane sheeting and some more. Some elastic sheeting materials are naturally reasonable for a given help climate or they can be reinforced by the consideration of specific added substances that grant extraordinary properties on the elastic sheet.

Our specialized group can direct you through these choices just as prompting what elastomers are reasonable contender for exceptional compounding to convey expanded unique properties, for example,

Low Smoke low harmfulness elastic sheetings and texture inclusion rubbers;

Fire resistant elastic sheetings and elastic covered materials;

Hostile to static elastic sheetings;

Conductive elastic sheetings;

Consumable water (WRAS endorsed), FDA elastic sheeting and elastic covered materials;

Electromagnetic protecting elastic sheeting;

Waterproof elastic films and elastic covered materials;

SBR Rubber Sheet

SBR Rubber sheet

SBR Rubber sheet has good performance of oil resistance, sealabiity and anti-swelling, and the working temperature is between -30℃ and 80℃.

We convey Styrene Butadiene (SBR) elastic, a strong and efficient elastic that gives astounding scraped area opposition and can be utilized in a wide-scope of modern applications. Produced using a mix of styrene and butadiene polymers, styrene butadiene (SBR) elastic shows comparable properties to normal elastic.

SBR elastic sheeting is regularly utilized instead of common elastic for some applications because of the huge cost reserve funds. Contrasted with regular elastic, SBR elastic sheet gives improved protection from scraped spot, wear and water. It’s a non-oil safe material that is broadly utilized in the creation of a few elastic items.

Styrene Butadiene (SBR) elastic

It is a decent choice with regards to elastic gaskets and seals. Because of the great warmth opposition and warmth maturing characteristics of SBR, it performs well in extraordinary temperatures. It isn’t suggested for use in applications including openness to ozone, solid acids, oils, oils, fats and most hydrocarbons.

Styrene Butadiene (SBR) elastic can be compounded to additional upgrade its fine scraped area, wear and ductile characteristics. Its mechanical properties, comparability to normal elastic and adaptability make styrene butadiene (SBR) elastic famous in ventures, for example, HVAC and development.

Employments of styrene butadiene (SBR) elastic incorporate gaskets, grommets, lining elastic, transport line covers and numerous other incredibly requesting applications.

Technical data: 

Specific Gravity: 1.4~1.5 g/cm3

Tensile Strength: 4.0~10 Mpa

Elongation at break: 250%~300%

Hardness: 70°±5°

Application: Oil-proof materials, which can be used as the sealing in the paint and oil pipeline, etc.

SBR Rubber sheet Specifications:

Thickness: 1mm-50mm
Width: 0.5m-2m
Length: 1m-30m

Specific Gravity (g/cc)Hardness (Shore A)Tensile Strength (Mpa)Elongation at break %Color
NR/SBR 1 Ply1.665±53250Black
NR/SBR 2 Ply1.665±53250Black
Red SBR Sheet1.780±53200Red
Grey SBR Sheet1.780±53200Grey
Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Rough Top Conveyor Belt line contain a few employ with cut edges, remains of NN/EP texture , With the top covers made utilizing wear-safe elastic including non-slip surface, utilized for shipping light weight merchandise, for example, sacks, boxes and divides, slanted surface at points of 35°. Top cover is made of wear-safe elastic with a non-slip surface. It has a padding impact, appeases and retains vibrations and effects given on shipped materials and all the while forestalls slipping.

Rough Top Conveyor Belt Features

Harsh top transport line involve a few employ with cut edges, cadaver of NN/EP texture , With the top covers made utilizing wear-safe elastic highlighting non-slip surface, utilized for shipping light weight products, for example, sacks, boxes and divides, slanted surface at points of 35°. Top cover is made of wear-safe elastic with a non-slip surface. It has a padding impact, placates and ingests vibrations and effects given on shipped materials and all the while forestalls slipping.

Rough Top Conveyor Belt
Rough top belting

Application: Used in transportation of light weight merchandise on slanted surfaces.

Bundle taking care of, naming

Rough Top Conveyor Belt  arrangements offered involve two just as three handle development decisions that element cut edges just as corpse of NN/EP texture which accompanies surface that guides in opposing the propensity for material to move down the transport while at transportation stage. With the top covers made utilizing wear-safe elastic highlighting non-slip surface, these likewise help in giving –

Unpleasant Top Conveyor Belts

Request Price

Padding impact

Conciliating just as engrossing vibrations and effect got on moved materials

All the while additionally supporting in counteraction of slipping


A portion of the standard applications where these Rough top transport line arrangements discover utilization include:

For transportation of light weight merchandise

For transportation of items like sacks, boxes and allocates

For transportation on slanted surface at most extreme point of 35 degrees

Common application incorporate for belt flight loaders, lorry loaders and others

For shipping light merchandise having development in either slanted or even

Appropriate for transportation of delicate/distorted materials just as pack merchandise like papers, sacks, glass, boxes just as containers to of 35 degrees greatest


A portion of the standard highlights of these belts include:

Accessible with base cover/without any protection for use in slider bed applications

Contingent on shipped materials, these can deal with transportation at tendency point of 25 ~ 30

Sans protection unpleasant top belt permits less chance of erosion hence making these reasonable for running over table just as level board

Predominant completion plan of cross section like example on top surface cover that guides in creating alleviation impact while engrossing any vibrations just as effect that is applied on materials which are passed on

Likewise all the while helps in keeping material from slipping

Development and Properties:

2 or 3 employ development

Accompanies cut edges and remains of manufactured EP texture

Unrivaled surface that opposes inclination for material move down the transport

Dark top cover suggested for utility kind grade administration

Tan cover proposed for meeting the transportation needs for bundled food items where presence of belts having unscented non poisonous completion is required

Top cover involves full 1/8 thick SBR

Back of belt ensured through solid rubbing surface base or through manufactured without any protection for slider bed applications

Why Our Rough Top Conveyor Belts:

Helps in making less grating coefficient

Permits wonderful running over table and level board

Presence of extraordinary lattice like example that guides in creating alleviation impact

Intended to retain produced measure vibrations, consequently forestalling plausibility of material slippage

High Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

High Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

High Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt Suitable for conveying heavy duty, high abrasion and massive density materials in a critical industrial environment. High Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

Suitable for conveying heavy duty, high abrasion and massive density materials in a critical industrial environment.
Superior physical properties of the cover rubber
Anti-impact and avulsion resistant
High adhesion, small elongation
Ozone/ ultraviolet radiation and corrosion resistant


TypeHigh abrasion resistant
Longitudinal full thickness tensile strength (KN/m)800~3500
Longitudinal elongation<=1.2%
Rubber thickness (mm)top6~10
Rubber abrasionType 1<=0.15cm3/1.61KM
Type 2<=0.30cm3/1.61KM
Adhesion (N/mm)>=12
Width (mm)300~2000
Length/Roll (m)<=200
Standards  AS1332, BS490,GB7984

We are a conspicuous producer, provider and exporter of predominant scraped area safe transport belting, that discover application in air terminals, shipyards, warm force plants and different businesses. Designed with most extreme accuracy, these transport lines are generally utilized for the transportation of glass, cullet, stone, trap rock and other grating materials

Dimensionally precise and practically predominant, these scraped area safe transport lines are utilized for moving mass item from creation to capacity and capacity to creation. Streamlining of premium quality elastic makes these transport lines impeccable in execution. We additionally engage the customers’ questions and modify these belts according to their particular prerequisites.

Highlights :

Belt covers compounded from super scraped area rubberResistance to waterHigh elasticity Heat safe. In addition to the supply of our products we provide services like Belts installation joining & maintenance, Rubber lining, Pulley Lagging at your site. We also take annual service contract.

High Abrasion resistant conveyor belt physical and mechanical properties: This conveyor belt is used in the transportation of coarse materials. Conveyor Belts: Can be used across industries to convey varied products. High adhesion ensures strong bonding between.

The actual capacity of a transport line to oppose grating wear is the absolute most compelling element that decides its operational lifetime and in this manner its incentive for cash. Various materials and various reasons for wear and scraped area require various types of scraped spot safe covers.

For instance, belts that transport substantial and additionally sharp articles, for example, rocks, wood or glass that cut and gouge the belt surface need distinctive obstruction properties contrasted with belts that are utilized for conveying ‘fine’ materials, for example, total, sand and rock, which in a real sense act like sandpaper continually scouring the elastic cover. Our way of thinking at Flextane has consistently been to just stockpile belts that run for significantly longer periods than our adversaries prior to waiting be supplanted and are along these lines substantially more savvy.

Our group of elastic compound experts has a consolidated encounter of over 300 years. This experience has been utilized to build up an extraordinary scope of scraped area safe covers that are intended to manage both explicit and joined reasons for wear and that reliably surpass global quality norms by a huge edge.

Straight Warp (SW) Belt

Straight Warp (SW) Belt

Straight Warp (SW) Belt are constructed with a special carcass which allow the belt to withstand tough applications. Straight warp conveyor belts have higher impact resistance than standard ply construction conveyor belt.

Straight Warp (SW) Belt transport lines are developed with an extraordinary body which permit the belt to withstand intense applications. Straight twist transport lines have higher effect opposition than standard handle development transport belt.

Straight Warp Belt Application:

Equal planes of heavyweight, high-strength yarns along with a cover yarn, build up an absolute takeoff from the customary handles belt idea and developments. It is intended to convey an enormous limit of material, for example, logs or squashed stone, have Superior perseverance execution in tough climate.

Straight Warp Highlights:

Outstanding protection from scraped spot, cutting and catching. Flexural exhaustion and effect obstruction is obviously superior to the typical texture. High-conveying limit and low stretch.

Because of the dainty corpse, SW can be utilized with more modest pulley measurements than material employed or steel rope belts. Straight-twist transport lines are utilized on hard core transports where protection from the impacts of substantial effects and protection from tearing are significant qualities, commonly found in quarrying, open cast mining and steel enterprises or in applications where uncompromising but slender belts are required, for example, in burrowing.

SW Rubber Conveyor Belt Carcass and Cover Feature:

✔️ Superior cut, effect and wear safe covers

✔️ Reinforced texture handles to oppose penetrating

✔️ Performs well on little to medium measured pulleys

✔️ Excellent troughability

✔️ Longer life expectancy outlives multi-utilize belts

✔️ Perfect all-round answer for outrageous passing on

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble read our leaflet

Flame Resistant Belt

Flame Resistant Belt

Flame Resistant Belt is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the process of calendaring, assembling, vulcanizing and so on, suitable for conveying materials that require flame resistant and static conductive belts in power, chemical, metallurgical and grain processing industries under the condition of flammable or explosive environment.

Flame Resistant Belt Properties

The product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the process of calendaring, assembling, vulcanizing and so on, suitable for conveying materials that require flame resistant and static conductive belts in power, chemical, metallurgical and grain processing industries under the condition of flammable or explosive environment.

Cover rubber property:

Tensile Strength / MPAElongation at break / %Abrasion / mm3
Cover TypeStandardsMinimum Tensile Strength (MPA)Minimum Elongation (%)AbrasionMaterial Covered
Fire ResistantSANS-F17350180Material with fire hazards, e.g. Coal
IS-1891(FR Grade)17350200
ISO-340(FR Grade)17350180
AS-F(FR Grade)14300200
AS-1332(FR Grade)14300200
DIN S Grade17350180
DIN K Grade17400200
CAN/CSA (FR Grade)17350200