Steel cord belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Application: Used in coal, ore, port, metallurgical, power and chemical industries, suitable for long distance and heavy load transportation of materials.

FLX Conveyor belts are the ideal answer for covering significant distances, bearing high pressure and passing on heavier burdens. Given their decreased lengthening (near 0.3%) and high protection from sway, FLEXTEEL is ideal for an establishment estimating a few kilometers. The strings of the twist lines are aroused and completely soaked in elastic. Ropes woven to one side and to the privilege are exchanged to ensure the belt’s straight travel. Cross-over unbending nature is acquired from the elastic, and as it is more adaptable than the texture used to make.

EP belts, it gives more prominent troughability. Its extraordinary adaptability empowers the utilization of pulleys with a more modest width than on material belts with a similar elasticity.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Manufacturing

At the point when more noteworthy protection from longitudinal tearing is required, a layer of texture (T) is added as a weft, or steel strings (S) with lower obstruction than the longitudinal ones. A layer can be added to possibly one or the two essences of the cadaver. FLEXTEEL belts can be made in various elastic characteristics, contingent upon the material to be conveyed.

The most regular sorts of corpse fall inside a scope of ostensible rigidity from 1,000 N/mm to 5,400 N/mm.

Standards offered: GB/T9770, DIN22131, EN ISO 15236, SANS1366 and AS1333.

Cover Compounds: General, Fire-resistant, Cold-resistant, Abrasion-resistant, Heat-resistant and Chemical-resistant.
Steel cord structure:K6X7+IWSK6X19+IWSK6X19W+IWS

Belt Structures:Referenced Belt Specifications
Click here to download the Referenced Belt Specifications (PDF, 131KB, updated) ST Belt SpliceSplice dimensions as per DIN 22131 ST1000ST1250ST1600ST2000ST2500Minimum step length (mm) 300350450400500Splice length (mm) 60065075011501350 ST3150ST3500ST4000ST4500ST5000Minimum step length (mm)650650750800900Splice length (mm)16502350265028004050 Splice ConfigurationsOne-step splice (up to ST 2000)
Two-step splice (ST2500 to ST3150)
Three-step splice (ST3500 to ST4500)

Four-step splice (ST5000 to ST7500)