Polyurethane Foam Product

Polyurethane Foam Products

Polyurethane Foam Products Polyurethane, which additionally in the polyether and polyester designs is an extremely flexible, open cell material. It is utilized in an assortment of businesses consistently because of the one of a kind properties that material offers. We produce our polyurethane items from a huge square to make a consistent froth item.

The extraordinary delicateness and adaptability that polyurethane offers over other froth items make it ideal for furniture projects. It additionally has incredible tear and scraped spot opposition, which makes it entirely strong.

The polyurethane froth properties permits you to utilize it in an assortment of uses. Some of them include: Insulation, fixing, bundling, channels, dress and clinical applications. The open cell structure of the polyurethane froth makes this item particularly helpful in warm protection applications.

We convey polyurethane froth in a wide scope of densities from 12kg to 65kg/m 3 according to your individual necessities. We much of the time get our client demands for polyurethane froth as: sheets, moves, strips, gaskets and gaskets. We can likewise fabricate this material for simple establishment either smooth or cement.

On the off chance that you not almost certain which thickness or organization is best for your application, kindly don’t stop for a second to get in touch with us.

Why Polyurethane Foam?

Polyurethane is an open cell froth material. This implies that the little air pockets that make up the material are totally associated with structure a consistent structure. This permits the polyurethane froth material to assimilate water and furthermore permits air to course through the material. This makes polyurethane froth gentler contrasted with different froths and furthermore makes it reasonable for use as a warmth cover.

The consistent structure permits polyurethane to assimilate impacts and the material can pack under tension. The Polyurethane Foam Products likewise has magnificent protection from scraped area and tearing, which makes it entirely solid. Polyurethane likewise has a wide temperature range, fit for withstanding temperatures as low as – 40 ° C and as high as 80 ° C. So you can utilize it in an assortment of conditions without debasing the material.

Make the gentler, open cell structure of the material ideal in any dry climate or application. It’s likewise less expensive than numerous other froth materials that make it phenomenal incentive for cash. We just take the assembling and the most excellent polyurethane supply to guarantee you get an item that you can rely upon.

Key Features Foam Polyurethane:



Unimaginably simple and adaptable

High effect obstruction

Excellent protection from scraped spot and tearing

Temperature safe from – 40 ° C to 80 ° C

financially savvy

Great protection properties

Ideal for a scope of utilizations

Polyurethane is an exceptionally adaptable item and we are providing this material in various arrangements to meet each prerequisite.

upholstered furniture



clinical sleeping pads

Wheelchair seat

Vehicular seat

sound protection,


pipe slack





forced air system

Sack/container fabricate

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