Elastomeric products

Elastomeric products is Particular elastic sheetings and elastic covered materials are designed to be good for reason through the cautious choice of the most suitable elastomer types. We offer Neoprene elastic sheeting, Silicone elastic sheeting, FKM Viton sheeting, EPDM sheeting, NBR elastic sheeting, SBR sheeting, Hypalon sheeting, Polyurethane sheeting and some more. Some elastic sheeting materials are naturally reasonable for a given help climate or they can be reinforced by the consideration of specific added substances that grant extraordinary properties on the elastic sheet.

Our specialized group can direct you through these choices just as prompting what elastomers are reasonable contender for exceptional compounding to convey expanded unique properties, for example,

Low Smoke low harmfulness elastic sheetings and texture inclusion rubbers;

Fire resistant elastic sheetings and elastic covered materials;

Hostile to static elastic sheetings;

Conductive elastic sheetings;

Consumable water (WRAS endorsed), FDA elastic sheeting and elastic covered materials;

Electromagnetic protecting elastic sheeting;

Waterproof elastic films and elastic covered materials;

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