Mechanical Rubber Product

Mechanical Rubber Product

Mechanical Rubber Product is quite possibly the most fascinating B2B stage giving realities, data and current situation of the modern elastic industry, including an online entryway for making a beneficial business identified with elastic and elastic merchandise.

Get data on a wide range of mechanical elastic items, characteristic and manufactured elastic, uses of elastic in different ventures, including highlighted articles and purchaser’s guide. This entry additionally incorporates an item inventory and providers’ catalog, giving data on makers and providers managing elastic and elastic items.

Mechanical Rubber Product factory for vary industry

Mechanical Rubber Product for Industry

Rubber industry has an enormous worldwide effect. Infact, it is extremely fascinating to take note of the way that in the set of experiences and the utilization of different materials, not many have had an enormous effect universally as regular and engineered elastic.

Sorts of Synthetic Rubber

This segment gives a definite portrayal about the various sorts Synthetic Rubber. To name not many like-Butyl Rubber, Acrylic Rubber, Polysulfide Rubber. The rest is only a tick away.

Isoprene Rubber (IR)

Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Polysulfide Rubber (PSR)

Silicone Rubber (SIR)

Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Polychloroprene (CR)/Neoprene

modern elastic productsIndustrial Rubber Products

We have given a point by point portrayal of the relative multitude of Industrial Rubber Products. To make reference to some are – Rubber Adhesives and Sealants, Rubber Bearing, Rubber Gloves. For additional subtleties peruse following pages.

3225101Cover Strip Adhesive Layer50X10.000mm
3225103Cover Strip Adhesive Layer70X10.000mm
3225105Cover Strip Adhesive Layer100X10.000mm
3225107Cover Strip Adhesive Layer150X10.000mm
3225109Cover Strip Adhesive Layer220X10.000mm
3225111Cover Strip Adhesive Layer300X10.000mm
3225113Cover Strip Adhesive Layer400X10.000mm
3550103Cover stock uncured 2mm 2X500
3550105Cover stock uncured 4mm 4X500
3551103Tie Gum 0,8mm 0,8X500
3551111Tie Gum 2mm (Steel Cord)2X500
3225105Cover Strip Standard 100mm100X10.000mm
3225107Cover Strip Standard 150mm150X10.000mm
3225109Cover Strip Standard 220mm220X10.000mm
3551205Rubber Sheeting Bonding Layer one side 3X500X10000           3X500X10.000
3552205Rubber Sheeting Bonding Layer Both Side with Fabric Reinforcement 3X500X10000   3X500X10.000

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