SBR Rubber Sheet

SBR Rubber sheet

SBR Rubber sheet has good performance of oil resistance, sealabiity and anti-swelling, and the working temperature is between -30℃ and 80℃.

We convey Styrene Butadiene (SBR) elastic, a strong and efficient elastic that gives astounding scraped area opposition and can be utilized in a wide-scope of modern applications. Produced using a mix of styrene and butadiene polymers, styrene butadiene (SBR) elastic shows comparable properties to normal elastic.

SBR elastic sheeting is regularly utilized instead of common elastic for some applications because of the huge cost reserve funds. Contrasted with regular elastic, SBR elastic sheet gives improved protection from scraped spot, wear and water. It’s a non-oil safe material that is broadly utilized in the creation of a few elastic items.

Styrene Butadiene (SBR) elastic

It is a decent choice with regards to elastic gaskets and seals. Because of the great warmth opposition and warmth maturing characteristics of SBR, it performs well in extraordinary temperatures. It isn’t suggested for use in applications including openness to ozone, solid acids, oils, oils, fats and most hydrocarbons.

Styrene Butadiene (SBR) elastic can be compounded to additional upgrade its fine scraped area, wear and ductile characteristics. Its mechanical properties, comparability to normal elastic and adaptability make styrene butadiene (SBR) elastic famous in ventures, for example, HVAC and development.

Employments of styrene butadiene (SBR) elastic incorporate gaskets, grommets, lining elastic, transport line covers and numerous other incredibly requesting applications.

Technical data: 

Specific Gravity: 1.4~1.5 g/cm3

Tensile Strength: 4.0~10 Mpa

Elongation at break: 250%~300%

Hardness: 70°±5°

Application: Oil-proof materials, which can be used as the sealing in the paint and oil pipeline, etc.

SBR Rubber sheet Specifications:

Thickness: 1mm-50mm
Width: 0.5m-2m
Length: 1m-30m

Specific Gravity (g/cc)Hardness (Shore A)Tensile Strength (Mpa)Elongation at break %Color
NR/SBR 1 Ply1.665±53250Black
NR/SBR 2 Ply1.665±53250Black
Red SBR Sheet1.780±53200Red
Grey SBR Sheet1.780±53200Grey

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