Straight Warp (SW) Belt

Straight Warp (SW) Belt

Straight Warp (SW) Belt are constructed with a special carcass which allow the belt to withstand tough applications. Straight warp conveyor belts have higher impact resistance than standard ply construction conveyor belt.

Straight Warp (SW) Belt transport lines are developed with an extraordinary body which permit the belt to withstand intense applications. Straight twist transport lines have higher effect opposition than standard handle development transport belt.

Straight Warp Belt Application:

Equal planes of heavyweight, high-strength yarns along with a cover yarn, build up an absolute takeoff from the customary handles belt idea and developments. It is intended to convey an enormous limit of material, for example, logs or squashed stone, have Superior perseverance execution in tough climate.

Straight Warp Highlights:

Outstanding protection from scraped spot, cutting and catching. Flexural exhaustion and effect obstruction is obviously superior to the typical texture. High-conveying limit and low stretch.

Because of the dainty corpse, SW can be utilized with more modest pulley measurements than material employed or steel rope belts. Straight-twist transport lines are utilized on hard core transports where protection from the impacts of substantial effects and protection from tearing are significant qualities, commonly found in quarrying, open cast mining and steel enterprises or in applications where uncompromising but slender belts are required, for example, in burrowing.

SW Rubber Conveyor Belt Carcass and Cover Feature:

✔️ Superior cut, effect and wear safe covers

✔️ Reinforced texture handles to oppose penetrating

✔️ Performs well on little to medium measured pulleys

✔️ Excellent troughability

✔️ Longer life expectancy outlives multi-utilize belts

✔️ Perfect all-round answer for outrageous passing on

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